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Online Advertising

AmoTech provides expert online advertising services on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Having a hard time reaching your target customers? Fix this through online advertising. We can target specific target audiences by demographic and users that visit websites similar to yours. You will gain website traffic and sales in no time!

AmoTech's Process for Online Advertising

AmoTech provides the following services related to online advertising:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Ad and image creation

    • We can help develop your advertisement based on your audience and create the text and graphics that will catch your audience's attention and drive conversions.​​​​​

  • Retargeting Ads on Facebook and Instagram

    • Specifically target your ads at customers who visited your website or added products to their cart but didn't purchase. These types of ads have a high conversion rate.​

  • Audience creation​

    • We can create custom audiences that you want to target with ads. This can be based on demographic information or the types of visitors that visit your website and have a high likelihood of buying products or making contact form submissions.​

  • Meta/Facebook Pixel

    • Track the users who visit your webpage and target your Facebook and Instagram ads towards those users and users that are similar.​

  • Ads monitoring and analysis​

    • We will track all of the metrics available to us to track how well the ads are performing and if there is a good return on investment, We track metrics such as number of link clicks, number of ad views, and number of website purchases or contacts directly from the ads.​

Rank higher on Google. Get More Organic Traffic.

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