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Content Creation

A large part of Search Engine Optimization is crafting content that is informative and useful to the website visitor. We provide expertly crafted content for blogs, informative web pages, expert alt descriptions for images, and graphics and image generation.

AmoTech's Process for Content Creation

AmoTech creates the following types of content optimized for high search engine rankings:

  • Blog posts

    • Blog posts are great formats to spread useful information pertaining to your industry and demonstrate that you are a leader in the field. The informative and keyword-rich text helps your search engine rankings. We help you craft these informative blog posts specific to your industry.​

  • Informative web pages​​

  • Frequently asked questions pages

  • Product descriptions

    • Have thousands of products that need informative and keyword-rich descriptions? We can help to create these descriptions quickly and accurately using specialized tools.​

  • Service descriptions

  • Image alt descriptions

    • Alt descriptions are an important way to tell search engines what the images are on your website. We can help create informative alt descriptions that will help your search engine rankings.​

  • Logos

  • Images and graphics

  • Advertisements for Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • Meta descriptions and Page Titles

    • These are the very basics of search engine optimization, but when you have thousands of pages it becomes difficult to create unique meta descriptions for each page. Don't get penalized for having duplicate meta descriptions, use our services to generate informative meta descriptions for thousands of pages quickly and correctly.​

  • And much more...

Rank higher on Google. Get More Organic Traffic.

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